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These are papers, publications and books written by Abdul Waheed Khan during his career.



Publication: CBA Editorial Guidelines
Author(s): Raine, Mary
Language: English


Publication: Towards inclusive Knowledge Societies : A review of UNESCO’s action in
implementing the WSIS outcomes

Author(s): Souter, David
Language: English


Publication: Safeguarding the documentary heritage of humanity
UNESCO document
Language: English / French


Publication: National Information Society Policy - A Template


Language: English



Publication: Youth Engaging with the World - Media, Communication & Social Change (Published in Cooperation with UNESCO)
Nordicom, University of Gotheburg
Language: English


Publication: Mapping Media Education Policies in the World (Published in Cooperation with UNESCO)

UN Alliance of Civilizations
Language: English


Publication: Assessment of Media Development in the Maldives: Based on UNESCO’s Media Development Indicators
Author(s): Mendel, Toby
Language: English


Publication: Civic education for media professionals: a training manual
Author(s): Banda, Fackson
Language: English


Publication: Conflict-sensitive reporting: state of the art; a course for journalists and
journalism educators

Author(s): Howard, Ross
Language: English


Publication: Digital archiving of audio content using WINISIS and Greenstone software: a manual for community radio manager
Author(s): Rajasekharan K.; Nafala, K.M.
Language: English


Publication: Freedom of expression, access to information and empowerment of people
Author(s): Berger, Guy
Language: English / French


Publication: Freedom of Information (FOI) & Women in Africa
Author(s): Hambuba, Carlyn; Kagoiya, Rachel
Language: English


Publication: Getting the balance right: gender equality in journalism
Author(s): International Federation of Journalists
Language: English / French / Spanish


Publication: Getting the Story and Telling it Right: HIV on TV, a Handbook for Television Trainers and Producers
Author(s): Madhu, K. P.; Malan, Mia; Engebretsen, Nanna; Hashmi, Moneeza; Sharma, Prerna; Etzenhouser, Shane
Language: English


Publication: Guidelines for broadcasters on promoting user-generated content and media and information literacy
Author(s): Scott, Martin
Language: English


Publication: Mapping media education policies in the world: visions, programmes and challenges
Author(s): Frau-Meigs, Divina; Torrent, Jordi
Language: English / Spanish


Publication: The Right to Information in Latin America: A Comparative Legal Survey
Author(s): Mendel, Toby
Language: English / Spanish


Publication: Twelve years of measuring linguistic diversity in the Internet: balance and perspectives
Author(s): Pimienta, Daniel; Prado, Daniel; Blanco, Alvaro
Language: English / French


Publication: Fostering Information and Communication for Development : UNESCO’s follow-up to WSIS
Author(s): UNESCO WSIS publication
Language: English




Publication: Freedom of information: a comparative legal survey (Second Edition)
Author(s): Mendel, Toby
Language: English / French / Spanish / Russian / Chinese / Portuguese / Nepali


Publication: Guidelines for broadcasting regulation (2nd edition)
Author(s): Salomon, Eve
Language: English


Publication: ICT competency standards for teachers: competency standards modules
UNESCO Publication
Language: English / Portuguese


Publication: ICT competency standards for teachers: implementation guidelines, version 1.0
UNESCO Publication
Language: English / Portuguese


Publication: ICT competency standards for teachers: Policy framework
UNESCO Publication
Language: English / Portuguese


Publication: ICT in teacher education: case studies from the Asia-Pacific region
Author(s): Meleisea, Ellie
Language: English


Publication: Internet Governance Forum (IGF): The First Two Years
Eds.: Doria, Avri; Kleinwächter, Wolfgang
Language: English


Publication: Media as partners in education for sustainable development: a training and resource kit
Author(s): Bird, Eleanor; Lutz, Richard; Warwick, Christine
Language: English / French / Russian


Publication: Media Development Indicators: a framework for assessing media development
Author(s): Puddephatt, Andrew
Language: English / French / Spanish / Russian / Arabic / Portuguese


Publication: Open access to knowledge and information: scholarly literature and digital library initiatives; the South Asian scenario
Author(s): Das, Anup Kumar; Sen, Bimal Kanti; Josaih, Jocelyne
Language: English


Publication: Press freedom and development: an analysis of correlations between freedom of the press and the different dimensions of development, poverty, governance and peace
Author(s): Guseva, Marina; Nakaa, Mounira; Novel, Anne Sophie; Pekkala, Kirsi; Souberou, Bachir; Stouli, Sami
Language: English / French


Publication: Strategy framework for promoting ICT literacy in the Asia-Pacific region
Author(s): Pernia, Elena E.
Language: English


Publication: The Entrepreneur's guide to computer recycling, v. 1: Basics for starting up a computer recycling business in emerging markets
Author(s): Varin, Benoit; Roinat, Pierre-Etienne
Language: English


Publication: Towards information literacy indicators
Author(s): Catts, Ralph; Lau, Jesus
Language: English / French


Publication: Understanding information literacy: a primer
Author(s): Horton, Forest Woody
Language: English / French


Publication: Voices from the field: press freedom in Nepal from the CPA to the Constituent Assembly
Author(s): UNESCO Office Kathmandu; Forum of Development Journalists (Nepal)
Language: English / Nepali


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